Steel Fabrication Welding & Manufacturing

Weldpro Fabrications is a steel fabrication company based in Ravenhall Melbourne. 

A business that has the knowledge and experience that spans more than 20 years in the steel fabrication industry.

What is steel fabrication? Steel fabrication consists of cutting forming bending or shaping of steel plate or sheet, box tubes known as RHS or Rectangle hollow sections, SHS known as square hollow sections, tube and pipes, steel beams or columns, angle iron, flat bar and round bars, hollow bar and solid bars.

All these steel material types come in different sizes and thicknesses making steel fabrication a wide and broad market to cater for. To add to this these materials come in mild steel or hard-wearing steels, aluminium, stainless steel marine grade and food-grade, coppers and zinc annealed.

All these steel materials during the steel fabrication process go thru a process of marking out, bending, rolling, forming and shaping, grinding, drilling and tapping, tack welding and welding to form a metal structure.

Weldpro Fabrications use all these material types and techniques during our daily works at our workshop in Ravenhall Victoria.


Weldpro steel fabrications have successfully completed many projects using these techniques such as:

  • Steel handrails.
  • Steel bollards.
  • Council park access gates.
  • 3d boxed signage for new housing estates.
  • Skate park steel edging.
  • Gas and water meter cages.
  • Repairs to earth moving machines.
  • Repairs to truck body’s, structural steel.
  • Spring-loaded safety gates.
  • Corten steel bollards.
  • Operator work station cabins.
  • Steel ramps along with our onsite welding service.

Some of the industries our metal products are used in include:

  • Industries.
  • Manufacturing companies.
  • Civil company’s.
  • Schools.
  • Building industries
  • Shipbuilding and repairs
  • Construction sites.
  • Quarry’s.
  • Mining and earthmoving contractors.

Cutting steel

Cutting steel can be achieved many ways at our factory in Ravenhall. We cut all our box tubes, round tubes and pipes along with angle iron and columns using a metal hydraulic assisted band saw. This allows us to cut many square or mitred cuts and is very accurate. We use a hydraulic 70-tonne punch and shear to cut all our flat bars round bars and angle irons along with punching holes on all plates.

Cutting plate and sheet

All our sheet and plate is cut with our in house profile machine, plasma cutter or oxy-acetylene for all heavy plates, due to the many steel types and thicknesses we also outsource our plate profile cutting to a major steel supplier in Melbourne with very fast turn around times.
Weldpro fabrications also specialise in onsite welding and we are equipped with a crane truck with diesel welder and all onsite power tools.